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SharnWhite_Tue_11amshow details + $0.00 (AUD)  
MelissaHulbert_Tue_11amshow details + $0.00 (AUD)  
JamesDonohoe_Tue_11amshow details + $0.00 (AUD)  
CathyDunn_Tue_1pmshow details + $0.00 (AUD)  
SueReid_Tue_1pmshow details + $0.00 (AUD)  
PaulineWilliams_Tue_1pmshow details + $0.00 (AUD)  
LizRushen_Tue_2pmshow details + $0.00 (AUD)  
WendyHolz_Tue_2pmshow details + $0.00 (AUD)  
LeahHoneywood_Tue_2pmshow details + $0.00 (AUD)  
JanRichardson_Tue_3pmshow details + $0.00 (AUD)  
TamsinOconnor_Tue_3pmshow details + $0.00 (AUD)  
KerryFarmer_Tue_3pmshow details + $0.00 (AUD)  
KateBagnall_Wed_11amshow details + $0.00 (AUD)  
JaniceWellard_Wed_11amshow details + $0.00 (AUD)  
JanGow_Thu_930amshow details + $0.00 (AUD)  
JonathonRichards_Thu_930amshow details + $0.00 (AUD)  
GeoffDoherty_Thu_930amshow details + $0.00 (AUD)  
WendyHolz_Thu_11apmshow details + $0.00 (AUD)  
DavidWhite_Thu_11apmshow details + $0.00 (AUD)  
RobertVarman_Thu_11apmshow details + $0.00 (AUD)  
LeeButterworth_Thu_1pmshow details + $0.00 (AUD)  
JanR&JaniceW_Thu_1pmshow details + $0.00 (AUD)  
RhondaGriffiths_Thu_1pmshow details + $0.00 (AUD)  
LizRushen_Thu_2pmshow details + $0.00 (AUD)  
ChelseaEvans_Thu_2pmshow details + $0.00 (AUD)  
ShaunaHicks_Thu_2pmshow details + $0.00 (AUD)  
ScottFairie_Thu_3pmshow details + $0.00 (AUD)  
CathyDunn_Thu_3pmshow details + $0.00 (AUD)  
JaniceCooper_Thu_3pmshow details + $0.00 (AUD)  

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  • August 3, 2021 - August 5, 2021
    9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Please Select Your Sessions:

Please use this page to select your choices from the concurrent sessions. Concurrent sessions can be selected anytime once full registration fees have been paid. Attendees will receive an Email reminder to register their session preferences in due course, but you do not have to wait. For now, your selections can be changed whenever you want. Just make a new set of selections.

There are 10 concurrent sessions, so please choose one in each time slot, with a maximum of ten presentations selected. You are, of course, free to not attend a session in every slot, but note it may not be possible to accommodate last minute changes on the day, due to room capacities.


Queen Elizabeth Avenue, Norfolk Island, Norfolk Island, 2899, Australia


The primary venue for the AFFHO Congress 2021 is the Paradise Hotel & Resort.

The South Pacific Resort Hotel will be used as an additional venue to allow for COVIDSafe social distancing throughout the Congress.

Venues are located just 1.7km apart.

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